FUNCTIONS EVENTS NEWS Inspection (bap) in order SAKSIBAGI HAKIM Inspection TO PHASE The Criminal court

By: JP. Widodo
Created: 2007-12-27, with 1 file (s).
Keywords: FUNCTION NEWS EVENTS examination, The Criminal
Subject: Witness Examination
Call Number: 345066 Wid f c.1


Description is one of the witnesses evidence skelter in the verification phase of the trial court. Judicial conduct examination of witnesses in fact holds bap witnesses at the investigation as a review of guidelines, this could potentially provide the knowledge that the judge deviate from the actual, as the examination of investigation would be conducted terhitup (Inquisitoir) that provide opportunities for misuse of violence. Therefore 0leh News Events. examination (bap witnesses as the investigation is not received the document followed by absolute judge, then judge must carefully and
seksarna dig deep and find witnesses in order to get the correct information.

Problems in this research is what the witnesses in the investigation bap examination in criminal cases in court and how the action when the judge revoked bap witnesses.

Research using this method of normative and empirical approaches, the next data used in this research include primary data obtained through field research, while the secondary data includes primary legal materials, the materials research field, while the secondary data includes primary legal materials, legal materials and secondary materials tertier law. Analysis done in nonnatif based on qualitative and anbalisis data, the conclusions made in withdrawing inductive
Based on the research and asil h analisi data, the conclusion is that the function of checking the news event (bap) Witnesses on the stage of investigation, the guidelines for judges in conducting the examination in court. Hence
Judges should not be bound. and depending on the bap investigators, judges must dig deep and find witnesses connected with all things revealed during the trial to get the actual information. If the witness requests and revocation bap witness statements in the investigation, then
the judge will ask questions and ask the witness to give reasons for the reasonable and the judge received bap witness in the investigation has been revoked and received a judge, the witness information is not information the witness evidence, but as evidence alai instructions after the judge reviewed the witness description
and evidence lannya with cennat, clever and wise.

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